Why Americans Choose Between the Lesser of Two Evils

In early July, the Supreme Court issued a ruling allowing states to punish so-called faithless electors. But the reason behind the ruling reveals one major inadequacy of the American election system.

Politics Has Gotten Nastier

Have you realized that today’s politics has turned more to what we don’t want rather than what we do? One Pew Research study found that the main reason voters in the 2016 election chose a candidate wasn’t any specific policy. It was the fact that one candidate wasn’t the other.

The Party System

It seems impossible to imagine America without the two political parties: every election cycle, it seems to define us more and more. But this was one of the most significant issues of the Constitutional Convention, and many questioned partisanship throughout George Washington’s presidency. Take a look at what Washington himself said in his farewell address:

Political polarization has shifted over the decades.

Ranked-Choice Voting

American elections are truly winner takes all. For the narrowest races, those that come down to less that 0.5%, there’s no prize for the loser.

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The Supreme Court Ruling

The way I see it, the reason this ruling comes now is because of the consequential nature of today’s elections.

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